Contact Us

The following project details will help Ovod provide you with a budget cost when contacting us.

  1. Your Name, Phone number and email contact details.
  2. Description of item or items required and install location within project.
  3. Design plans & elevations (CAD) or simple hand drawn plans showing length, width and height.
  4. Type of finish required i.e. solid timber, veneered board, laminate or melamine board. Spray finish or primed for client to paint.
  5. A few mid pixel sized pictures of the room where the proposed item will be located.
  6. List of equipment that will be stored in or on the proposed item i.e. audio equipment, books, or any special items to be displayed.

Please note Ovod Furniture will visit the project site and carry out a full survey prior to the start of manufacture, once the project details and costs have been confirmed. This will insure that the final item will fit its location.